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Manipulation is what being a paedophile is all about  unfortunately for the offender in this post his manipulations are far from intelligent and far from worthy of keeping him out of jail.

As I’m sure he knows there is only so much time before his crimes come back to haunt him as I’m sure they do already but not out of guilt or shame just the fear of returning to his vacant cell which he hated so much, obviously that fear of that cell was not enough as numerous rumours of more misdoings surface he is in fact not home and dry at 30 Monmouth road eston.

We could in fact call it his halfway house and he should enjoy his special privileges.

I hope these posts are enough to create some knowledge on Wayne where he lives this needs to be brought to peoples attention.

I know for a fact this man will be abusing someone right now.  He will of befriended a single mother and carrying on behind Mrs twins back

.It is a great shame the people that have collective information on him didn’t have it all in one pot to hand around his community as I’m sure this would be enough for  those who are convinced by his story of innocence and of his ex girlfriends child to of been told to lie by her mother.. You tell me how many mums would do this, More to the point how many people could actually get there child to do such a horrible thing..

Would it not be unusual if the child by now hadn’t spoken up even against the mothers wishes..

Exactly it is lies which have gotten him to where he is today but it is those lies that will be his undoing I promise you that…

According to Wayne the mother of the child is now supposedly in jail for making the child lie about the accusations this by the way is not true. If it were I think somehow he would of been handed a substantial sum of money for the time he spent in jail.

Also I believe that this would of most definitely made the newspapers and if I was him I would make sure of it although his name would still be tarnished by it. Would you not want people to know you were a child abuser.. Exactly its just more lies

Tick Tock  I hope you rot..




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