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Would it be fair to say that the average criminal mind and repeat offender would become somewhat complacent over time in the belief their crimes would be left unnoticed their past misdemeanors  forgotten..

Would it be true to say that the offender will in fact re offend to regain the feeling of self-gratification of hurting others and getting away with it, is this just a ticking time bomb awaiting another naive person to misplace their loyalty and trust in a demon.

Thankfully for the family mentioned in this story of quite frankly madness the predator has lost his prey.

The mother lost her children to the hands of social services and Gilbank is most likely on the prowl for his next victim so the people of middlesbrough  should play caution to the wind before letting there children play in the street.

You never know who is round the corner these days.

One thing to bear in mind for these predators is one day the people they abuse are gonna open their mouths and there sad little pathetic lives will be once again incarcerated and its back to the showers to play soap on a rope for the big boys.

I wonder if the mistreatment the pedophiles encounter in the prisons for being the bottom of the pecking order and scum of the prison will make them that much more determined to re offend so as to make the target feel as small as them in the prisons having to be segregated for safety as 95% of the prison wants to beat them to a pulp or rape them.

Some may say this is just the treatment they deserve others with the politically correct stance I’m sure would  say it is unjust and inhumane..

This perhaps is true however I believe a quick castration before leaving the prison would be highly adequate in dealing with the culprit, perhaps on entry to the prison and instead of protecting them leave them in with the rest of the general public after all they have done nothing to deserve privileges and leaving them altogether to swap stories and give each other tips on how to manipulate children is surely the worst thing to do.

The system needs to find better ways to deal with these crimes otherwise one of these days they may just have a man hunt on there hands and people taking the law into there own hands.

The face of justice is awash with political correctness and that’s the problem here to many chances are had in its about time that stopped, protected identities barely anything makes the paper whilst families suffer in silence.


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One response to “Complacent

  1. James ⋅

    is this for real how many times will he be given chances to hurt someone.

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