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Are we being to lenient towards people who possess such destroying characteristics?

To allow them to freely walk around a menace to society and an embarrassment to themselves and fellow human beings.
Unaware of the dangers of themselves and quite often with the way these cases are dealt with others also unaware of exactly what the person has been to court about if indeed the public are to find out at all..

It seems that unless newspapers are to tell us who has done what we would never know at all.
More often than not the papers are not aware of these cases so unless reporters are to sit in court to find out what to print we would be blissfully unaware that Joe Bloggs two doors away was in court yesterday for sexual offenses toward a child..

Would we still look at Joe the same??

I think not but more often than not the sentences can be somewhat short to say the least for heinous crime.

As regards the man spoken about in this post he has been given clear instructions upon leaving prison in 2005 yet has managed to stay in a relationship with a woman with children,
So how does this work then when given an indefinite ban from unsupervised contact are we to believe the couple address this on a              DAY TO DAY BASIS.
Again I very much doubt it.
So you say the mother must trust him with the children surely so thats ok.
But as they say no smoke without fire.
Who is really in control of this situation?
Thats a good question!

Upon hearing of Gilbanks crimes surprisingly enough from the local newspaper I did my research into the individual which lovely for me lives down the bloody road only to find out all this extra information which I have shared on here.

The reason you may ask why on earth he has just had a two year suspended sentence for braking his order again is anyone’s guess.
Now its my job to keep my kids inside or failing that follow them around to make sure they don’t go near him.

Oh yes he fits the bill.. Very helpful apparently you would never guess to look at him honest

I think once you are aware then you think how didn’t I see it before.

But the fiancée who has moved two doors away obviously must think something of him even with social services round every verse end her way to deal with them is simply ” get out of my house ”

This is society isn’t it fantastic how ignorant people are.

Did I mention why can’t they put him elsewhere.


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